Life Groups are...

Life groups are communities of anywhere from 8-20 people to meet at least every other week, sometimes every week, for a time to know each other better as we grow as Christians together.

Some of our groups will share a meal together, others just have some light refreshments.  They also set aside time to pray for the needs of the group.

One thing that is common in all of our groups is to have a time dedicated to growing through God's Word.  Group leaders decide how best to do that, but the Bible is always discussed and applied to our lives.  Leaders may use a video study, a sermon study, or a book study to help their Life Group grow up into Christ.


We are committed in Life groups to being:

1) a place to BELONG

We believe that the church is much more than just a gathering on Sunday morning.  Life Groups allow you to connect with other christians in a small group setting where you live life together outside the walls of the church building.

2) a place to GROW

We believe that every christian is gifted to serve God in a unique way.  Life Groups allow you to use your gifts, passions, and resources to meet needs and share the Gospel.

3) a place to LEARN

We believe that Life Groups need to be a safe place for you to encounter God's Word.  You may be really familiar with the Bible or you may have never opened the Bible.  Life Groups allow you to discover God's message and grow in His grace.

4) a place to PRAY

We believe that prayer is the lifeline to God.  Life Groups provide a place for you to pray for others and be prayed for by others in a confidential setting.  Life Groups are communities that regularly pray and seek God's wisdom.

5) a place to be VISIONARY

We believe that Life Groups are the best way for the church to grow.  We want you to invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and anyone else in your circle that doesn't know Christ to your Life Group.  All it takes is you asking them!


Where are they>

Our Life Groups meet on a semester basis and are ongoing RIGHT NOW!  You can join one at any time as we don't have any "closed" groups meeting this fall.  Below is where you can find where are groups are meeting and the leader/host of each group:

  • @BCCC (P.E.P.) - Tom McIvor

  • Pamlico - Dave Hinson

  • Pamlico - Larry Prescott

  • Fairfield Harbor - John Schoch

  • Fairfield Harbor - Bob Reitz

  • New Bern - Rob Anderson

  • @BCCC - Kevin Yost

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Download the BCCC Life Group Leader "Playbook"